Facilitate Development of Collective Impact Model in Targeted Communities

Working Together to Create an Inclusive Educational Program

Facilitate Development of Collective Impact Model in Targeted Communities

Long-Term Strategy:

    • Build consensus for CI need in communities, with focus on children and education, in Winchester and Dorchester County MD
    • Identify and resource, as needed, backbone organizations
    • Build relationships and trust with key stakeholders
    • Act as a convener, as needed, and supporter of collective impact model
    • Assist in developing shared vision, shared goals and shared metrics
    • Support communities with resources (people and capital)

Partnering with the Campaign for Grade Level Reading and the Smarter Learning Group to bring in a “whole-of-community” Collective Impact approach to Winchester, VA and Dorchester County, MD. The goal is to improve the outcomes of low-income children by focusing on the achievement of grade level reading by the end of 3rd grade

  • Providing multi-year funding to SLG to fund the consulting cost to bring CGLR into each community
  • Helping to landscape and develop the key stakeholders, steering committees, and backbone organizations for successful implementation
  • Working to establish a shared vision, shared goals, accountability, and monitoring & evaluation programming
  • Participating in, and influencing, the whole-of-community coalition to help ensure successful operationalization of the programs
  • Coordinating and sharing successes and challenges with other CGLR communities to improve, grow, and evolve the campaigns
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