About Us

Our Operating Values and Principles


We do not settle for anything except excellence in the stewardship of the foundation, people we hire, and programs we support.

We believe that individual success is directly linked to their family and the community where they reside. 

We operate without prejudice or bias. We are compassionate in embracing and respecting all people of diverse backgrounds.

We believe all people deserve an even playing field.

We see a partnership as a way of working together to create the opportunity for individuals to rely on their power and resources rather than those of others to earn success. We have partners, not clients or grantees.

Operating Principles

  • We will be a Grantmaker.

    • Issue non-repayable funds, as grants, to organizations focused on achieving social impact.
  • We will be a Broker.

    • Arrange or negotiate mutually beneficial relationships.
  • We will be an Entrepreneurial Philanthropist.

    • Conduct extensive research to better understand root problems and create specific, achievable plans using leverage to make the greatest impact.
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation