Our Work

Leveling the Education Playing Field for Disadvantaged Youth


To level the education playing field for disadvantaged youth (Organizational Mission).


We will focus J2W resources and capacity, using multiple platforms, that work in synergy to address the targeted challenges (Program Strategy).

End State:

Disadvantaged youth have measurable improvements in post-high school productivity (Impact Measurement).

Problem Statement Pathway for Low-Income Students Economically-disadvantaged students generally perform worse in school than their higher income peers

J2W Programming Framework Build partnerships to identify gap areas, develop solutions, and test concepts while bridging grade bands

J2W Foundation Program Theory of Change

Strategy to Achieve Theory of Change Work to ensure more access to quality early childhood education programs, coupled with supplemental after-school/summer programs throughout elementary school, to better ensure students are on-level by 3rd grade. Students on-level by 3rd grade regularly attend school, feel connected, and have higher on-time graduation rates.