ASQ Developmental Screening

Fairfax County, VA

Program Summary

Promoting the Use of Developmental and Social Emotional Screeners Among Early Childhood Programs to Support School Readiness

  • Developing a multi-year program designed to improve the quality of early childhood education in Fairfax County, VA set to begin in 2021, running through 2023
  • Partnering with Fairfax Futures and Fairfax County’s Office For Children
  • Purchasing ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2 kits for early childhood care providers to train educators virtually, to increase fidelity of testing, and to ultimately test more children in the county from birth to 5; and to build out the ASQ Enterprise system throughout the county to better manage data in a more systemic way
  • Program is directly linked to the Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan and to the J2W Foundation Strategic Plan IMPACT.2023

Measures of Performance

Coming Soon!