Executive Director Capacity Building

Dorchester County, MD

Program Summary for Increasing Our Capacity Building

Increasing the capacity of the Empowerment Center in Dorchester County, MD by funding the first-ever Executive Director position to grow the organization

  • Providing multi-year grant to fund the Empowerment Center’s first paid staff position
  • Hired a non-profit consulting firm to focus on board development, strategic visioning, the hiring process, and onboarding to help “future proof” the organization
  • Fully engaged in the project by participating on the hiring committee and participating in all board functions for the term of the grant
  • Assisting with the development and measurement of both process metrics and performance indicators to ensure positive outcomes in terms of revenue growth and program evolution
  • Will transition the position funding to the Empowerment Center in Year 4 to ensure sustainability
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation

Measures of Performance

Coming Soon!