Early Childhood Educator CDA Mentorship

Fairfax County, VA

Program Summary

Strengthening the Fairfax County Early Childhood Educator Workforce Pipeline (CDA Mentorship Program)

  • Developing a multi-year program designed to improve the quality of early childhood education in Fairfax County, VA set to begin in 2021, running through 2023
  • Partnering with Fairfax Futures and Fairfax County’s Office For Children
  • New pilot program will support the professional learning and development of the early childhood educator workforce and thus further improve the success of children in kindergarten and beyond
  • The mentoring program will look to identify CDA candidates and then help guide these cohorts to successfully attain the credential
  • Program is directly linked to the Fairfax County Equitable School Readiness Strategic Plan and to the J2W Foundation Strategic Plan IMPACT.2023

“I am very excited and happy to start my CDA. This is life-changing for me. I feel so blessed that I am surrounded by wonderful people who are working on doing great things and supporting early childhood educators so we can provide the best care to our young children and future leaders. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” – Aspiring CDA educator, June 2021

Measures of Performance

Coming Soon!