COVID-19 Learning Labs

Winchester, VA

The Foundation’s Efforts Against COVID-19


Disaster Response Strategy:

Augmenting Capacity of Our School Districts + Providing Critical Support to Our Non-Profit Partners that are Taking Care of Our Most Vulnerable Children

J2W Foundation continues to support shorter-term COVID-19 disaster response efforts within our service areas. We will transition our COVID-19 disaster response grantmaking efforts to our long-term disaster recovery strategy that will support partner organizations for years to come.

Program Summary

Developed community-led, safe-space programs – Learning Labs – designed to minimize learning loss and increase socialization opportunities during the 2020-2021 year in Winchester, VA

  • Student learning in this COVID environment, whether 100% virtual or hybrid, is a significant challenge to our youngest learners and may cause significant achievement and opportunity gaps if not addressed
  • J2W Foundation facilitated the creation of a coalition of community leaders and non-profits in both communities that are now working to find meaningful solutions
  • We have been able to stand up Learning Labs to address the need
  • Learning Labs were run by existing out-of-school time non-profits, aligned with their respective school district, offering all-day programming, tutoring support, and safe space to elementary school children
  • The intent was to minimize learning loss, increase socialization opportunities, and allow parents to get back to work
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation
John & Janice Wyatt Foundation

Measures of Performance

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