Pre-Kindergarten 3 Program

Dorchester County, MD

Program Summary

Implementing a Pilot Pre-Kindergarten 3 Program in Partnership with Dorchester County Public Schools

  • Looks to address early childhood achievement and opportunity gaps by providing an additional year of high-quality, structured pre-kindergarten, targeting low-income 3-year olds
  • Will provide 3-years of funding to cover the cost of the primary instructor
  • Classroom will be at the Judy Center/Sandy Hill Elementary School (designated Title I school)
  • Target population will be Sandy Hill Elementary School families with income ranging from 185-300% of the Federal Poverty Level guidelines
  • Theory of change: These students going through the Pre-K3 program will have two full years of quality pre-kindergarten and thus should demonstrate a higher level of readiness upon entering kindergarten
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Measures of Performance

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